Rock Foundation or Brick Foundation

Engineers are often asked to perform a variety of assessments and observations during a site visit. In two cases shown below, we assessed existing foundations with a basement underneath a residential structure.

Per Los Angeles City Code brick or rock foundations are not permitted. These foundation types of foundations which were common up to 1920s, are not permitted due to earthquake requirements. In today’s code, reinforcement (rebar) is required to be used in construction of foundation.

Brick Foundation

If you are going to do remodeling or an addition to any structure with such a foundation, you will be advised to demolish, remove, and replace the existing foundation with a concrete foundation. If there is an existing basement, the basement walls need to be changed as well to either Concrete Masonry Block (CMU) or Reinforced Concrete Basement walls.

While homes with river rock foundations are scattered throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, this type of foundation is decreasing in popularity owing to its unstable nature. River rock foundations are not designed or build to resist earthquakes. Mostly of these type of properties were built before 1920s, rock foundations are held together by mortar. This leaves them vulnerable and prone to damage as the mortar deteriorates over time to the point that stones may start falling out. Naturally, the structural integrity of the house is compromised and it suffers extensive damage. If neglected, a distressed rock foundation not only affects the cosmetic appeal of the home but also puts its residents at great risk.

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