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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a larger, primary house.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) have become the latest craze in the country due to financial benefits it brings for homeowners or property owners. In city of Los Angeles, the permit submittals for ADUs have tripled during the past few years and it continues to grow. More homeowners are investing in converting their existing garage space into an ADUs or building new ADUs in their backyards because they know they can have a steady income for many years to come. Others use this space for having guests over from out of state or country and some use the ADU space for having their parents, children, or friends to live. The ADU provides more than just a habitable space… it provides independence, privacy, and confidence.

ADU’s are limited and restricted for their size, height, and location on the property by local city code. We would be more than happy to help you with your ADU conversion or new construction design. We work with a team of professional architects and designers, which their service provides you with detailed information of what you can do with respect to design of your ADU. After their portion of the design is completed then they will provide us with the architectural plans for us to complete the structural portion of your project.

ADU Design – Large Cantilever Roof Span

ADU Design

We have designed over 50 Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in the past three (3) years. Including second story additions to existing garage, new detached and attached ADUs, or a basic conversion of existing garage into ADU. ADU design is our expertise and a new niche we have welcomed with open arms.

If you have any questions, you may reach us at: Structural Engineering & Construction – 310-991-SAMY (7269)

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