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Structural observation is the visual observation of the structural system, for general conformance to the approved plans and specifications, at significant construction stages and at completion of the structural system. The structural system includes the lateral and/or gravity load paths.

Structural observation required by LAMC 91.1702 shall be performed by the engineer or architect responsible for the structural design, or a registered engineer or licensed architect designated by the engineer or architect responsible for the structural design.

Provided below are few examples of the different structural observation forms that will be used and provided by the observing engineer for your project.

County of Los Angeles

City of Santa Monica

City of Los Angeles

We provide structural observation services to contractors, architects, designers, and clients even if they were not our clients during design phase or permitting phase of their project. We understand that there are times that professional relationships could do not go as smoothly as expected between clients, contractors, architects, and engineers. Therefore, building code permits the engineer of record to be replaced by a new licensed engineer for structural observation portion of the project.

Usually for smaller scaled projects there are few stages that structural observation report is required for each stage: Foundation, Structural Framing (Walls), Floor Framing (if needed), and Roof Framing.

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